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Customer History Report


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I have a program that tracks customers and their corresponding invoices. I need to write a customer history report that shows all invoices, and the details of any payments on each invoice.

My problem is, if i run the report from the invoices file, i cant get multiple payments to show up. If i run the report from the payments database, I can't show invoices that don't have any payments.

It's almost like I need the equivalent of a dynamically sized portal which expands and contracts depending on how many payments there are on each invoice.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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I use three files(not linked) INVOICE, DUE, and PAID. The structure is the same in all three files. After each month I EXPORT the files out of invoice.

I import them to DUE. I find all "zero balance" records and export them to PAID.

I delete the "zero balance" files from DUE and print statements. I delete all files from INVOICE and start over. It can all be done with scripts. I started doing this with NUTPLUS years ago and still do it. You can link the files to jump back and forth for research. You keep a history with PAID. You have a current acounts receivable with DUE. And you have a current month with INVOICE.

You could do it all out of one file or keep INVOICE and DUE in one file. I just find that it keeps everything smaller and more simple to manage and back up.

I guess the key is after an invoice is paid I put it into another file that is used only for reference. This keeps everything else more manageable.

However, I apply each payment to a specific invoice or invoices manually.

We are small enough that it works. That might be a problem for a large company.



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This topic is 7566 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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