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Crazy Records.

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I have two databases that are related to each other through a calculation field set to the value of 1 on both databases.

When a user pushes a button on database "A" the following occurs:

- A external script on Database "B" is triggered to create a new record on database "B".

- Information from Database "A" is inserted on Database "B".

- The user is sent to Database "C".

The problem is that this routine occurs around 1000+ times a day, most of the time it works fine but sometimes, without a reason, when the user pushes the button on Database "A" the record on Database "B" is not created and the scripts jumps straight to the Database "C".

I wanted to some help to find out how to eliminate this problem.

I also would like some help in creating a script that would make sure the record was created before sending the user to Database "C" as a safety net.

thanks in advance

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Is the record created with the 'New Record' scripts step?

Or in a portal with a relation with 'Allow creation of new records'?

If it's via a portal, then a 0 records found in database B could also be the culprit.

I do not recall Filemaker behaving in the manner you describe, that's why I'd look for thing like this.


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You could store the amount of records in database B with status(CurrentRecordCount) in a global before and after the new record gets created to checkif the creation was succesfull.

This methode could go wrong in a multiuser environment though.

Wonder if anybody else has ever seen this phenomena. What Filemaker version and platform are you using? And is it a multi user (networked) setup?


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This topic is 7567 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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