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Month & Day Calculation

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Calualation Field:

Month(Today) & Day(Today) Result in a Number (11/7/2003 = 117)

This Field in the same record should change every day, Tomorrow would be "118". This field keep the number on the day it was created and does not change from day to day. can someone help me.

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Hello Rex,

Both Lee and Henry have provided possible answers to your problem. Lee's answer is complete and correct - but has the drawback of requiring the field be unstored, rendering it unavailable as a key field for relationships and unsuitable for searching with large numbers of records.

If either of these considerations are of concern, very simple alternative would be to implement your existing calculation as an 'Auto Entry by Calculation' option on a number field, then select the option to 'Prohibit modification of value'.

From the user's perspective, the field will be indistinguishable from a 'normal' calculation field - but it will calculate only once and from then on will simply be stored (auto enter calcs are not updated when the calc result changes).

This may be what Henry had in mind, but if so he was not explicit about it. The auto-entry method would work equally well with either the 'Today' function or the 'Status(CurrentDate)' function that Lee mentioned - but because the resulting value will be stored, it will be able to be indexed and therefore will provide more options (eg efficient searching) than would be possible with an unstored calc.

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This topic is 7564 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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