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I've greated a db which stores information in group under a group name, I then can find this group by using a pull down list and doing a search on the selected group name. My problem is that when I search for my original test group "test" I also get "yet another test". This happens when I search for both "test" and "= test", could anyone help me out with this one. thanks

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A couple of suggestions:

First, use real group names. You will want to search for their names, so try using real data.

Your search for "Test" will turn up all fields with the word "Test" in it. So will the =Test entry. Would you have groups named like this? Such as Admin and Software Admin, I suppose. In this case, set up your groups at entry time using a hard space (option-spacebar on the Mac) to discriminate between the two groups with the same embedded word.

Or in your search criteria, search for "Test" and in a second request Omit "Another."

Best bet is to name groups carefully and search for entire names, but sometimes you have to use more than one search request to drill down to what you want and don't want.


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