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Limiting Access?


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I have a three file database in which users are accidently "deleting" records by not choosing the SEARCH button to do searches. To alleviate the problem, I set up access so that people cannot edit the "COMPANY NAME" field of the database (the key field in which the relationships exist) unless they created the record today (tomorrow, they can't edit it). This poses some problems like not allowing people to edit other fields of other records.

How can I allow all users to create and edit all records and fields except "COMPANY NAME" if they did not create that record?

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You could make a field to store the creator name and put validate with calculation on the COMPANY NAME woth formula as Create By = Status(CurrentUserName).

Will only work by computer not by user, as create by stores only name from workstation preference unless you have custom login system maybe.

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There are some architectural issues here. First, assuming the field is used as a primary key, users should not be able to access it for editing or any other purpose. And, generally speaking, it's not a good idea to use a field such as Company Name as such a key.

That said, you could restrict the access by creating a field that auto-enters the creator name. Then use a Record Level Access test that prevents deletion unless the current user name from the Status Functions matches the name auto entered in the other field.

The values for auto enter come from the FMP preferences; users can change these values unless you restrict their access to that area of the file.


Steven H. Blackwell

Partner Member, FSA

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Mr. Blackwell:

Thanks for your reply. I've been trying to digest it. Perhaps we do have an architectural issue here, but I don't know how else to link key points of data other than by the "Company Name." It certainly does create a headache when a company changes names or is acquired by another.

That said, what other fields can I link other pieces of data from other files if I can't use something that changes frequently?

Matt Short

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This topic is 7501 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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