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xp and fax receiving not really fmp related


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we used to pay extra for a seperate phone line, so as to be able to receive faxes automatically if someone called on our dedicated fax line. we since moved from that location, and got our phone company to drop the extra line, but the phone number rings distinctively when someone calls that number. so, our phones ring, but they ring a different type of ring.(ie, if someone calls line 1--our phone line--the phones say"ring ring" and if someone calls line 2--our fax line--the phones say"riiiing riiiiing") when the phone rings, we can tell if it is a fax or not by the type of ring.

well, apparently microsoft in their infinite wisdom decided not to include the "distinctive ring" option in xp, so outr fax software is useless unless someone is here at the terminal waiting to receive the fax when someone needs to send it. this is obviously not a workable solution. i looked around on the ms tech support page for several hours the other day, and the only answer they had was"microsoft xp does not support the distinctive ring feature, you will need 3rd party software to accomodate this."

my problem now is i can't find any software that addresses this problem. We are using winfax(i dunno offhand which version, i believe it's 10. something)and if xp (or soem 3rd party software) supported the ring feature, then we'd be set.

does anyone know of software that will do this? or a workaround?

sorry admin fellas...i know this is not at all fmp related, but i've gotten so much help from these forums, i thought i'd ask...

thanks alot.


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This topic is 7510 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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