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"Save As" function using FileMaker Server 5.5

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This is probably a stupid question and I hope its in the right forum....but here goes.

I am an amateur (and pretty crappy) FileMaker user and have designed some apps for my company that we have been using for the past five years. I recently upgraded from "shared" files on our network to using the Filemaker 5.5 Server software in order to allow additional users in remote locations.

In the past I have archived yearly data but taking an "active" file and duplicating it by saving it as another name and then taking the "current" file and deleting the older records. I'm sure I could have designed it better, but this method is easy and fits my needs.

My problem is this: Ever since I have used the Server software, the "Save Copy As..." feature under the "File" menu in the application is grayed out. I no longer have that option.

Any thoughts on how I can accomplish this ? Exporting and Importing records doesnt seem like the right way, because I want to keep all the formatting.

Your help is appreciated.

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You'd do this kind of annual clean-up on the server machine itself. When it is time to do your archiving, take the server offline (i.e., quit FileMaker Server, making sure not to cut anyone off in the middle of their work) then launch FileMaker Pro on the server machine. Make sure nobody is going to try to access the database while this is going on (I sometimes go so far as to physically disconnect the server from the network.) From FileMaker Pro you can then "Save As..." in the usual way.

There are definitely better ways of archiving, but if your method works for you and your company, then stick with it. So long as you've still got the data available, you're fine.


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Isn't that funny, I got asked that same quedtion five minutes ago.

Another method that will work well only if your solution is "finished" and not being modified is to create empty files for say the next five years and put them on the server, ready and waiting. Then can they be linked into the existing interface.

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This topic is 7503 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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