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What? That would be like following directions! I bought the mouse, plugged it in, and it worked. Why bother with more drivers?

But on your suggestion I dug out the disk and installed the software. I messed around with the settings a bit, and bingo, it works. Now the wheel moves up and down the layout, shift-wheel moves through records, and ctrl-wheel zooms (which did work before).

Thanks, Vaughn.


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there is also another solution. Usually I have a list of all/filtered records in layout. When I click a detail button on my list layout I find only one corresponding record in detail layout. If there is only one record in a found set the mouse wheel scrolls the layout, not through the records. Of course, problem is that the user can't view another record. He has to go back to list layout. Another thing is, you have to exclude detail layout from the status area layout list, because user must press a button to force a find script.

Setting up mouse driver might be a best way, but how will you force users to do it on their computers?

... bzzi

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Hey DanBrill -

Can you please give a little more detail on how you tweaked the mouse wheel settings?

I'm having the same issue, so I installed the MS Intellipoint drivers, but the mouse wheel still scrolls through records instead of up and down the layout.



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I loaded that Logitech mouse driver tfrom the Logitech.com site. Al you need is the basic scroll mouse software. Once you load it you can set it so that the wheel (when pressed) envokes the shift key. That allows you to toggle back and forth between scanning thru records or scrolling your layout.

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This topic is 6098 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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