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Password protection for many apps in multiple area


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What is the best approach for applying security to multiple *--applications across multiple departments within a medium to large organization without invoking the security within FileMaker or using a third party plug-in? The environment is Windows based using FileMaker v6 as the client and one licensed copy of FileMaker Server v5.5

*-- application could mean a single or multiple single database file(s) or again a relational database or multiple relational database files .


Dept Y

User Y1

User Y2

User Y3

Dept Z

User Z1

User Z2

User Z3

i.e. Users Y1, Y2, & Y3 in Dept Y should only see and access applications within Dept Y(or folder Dept Y). The same scenario goes for users Z1, Z2, and Z3 in (or folder) Dept Z.

Is there an easy way to achieve this? Or do I have to write a custom app for each department or area to pull this off? Any suggestions would be great!!

Thanks much

Shawn Outerbridge

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You can require users to be part of a domain before they can access the files on the Server. That may be sa fine a level of OS induced control as youj will get however. FileMaker Pro's privileges are the key to further access control.

You can seize information from the user's log-on credentials and use that as part of the scheme. I can put you in touch with a developer who can assist you with that if you like.

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Take a look at the passWord Adminstrator plug-in from New Millennium at http://www.newmillennium.com. And tell your security group to stop doing things like that to your FIleMaker Pro files before they toast them.

Take a look here for some more info:



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This topic is 6571 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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