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Need help with summary report field

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I previously posted a question about this, but for some reason the thread seems to have disappeared. Here goes again, and I'm attaching a couple of generic sample files. If anyone can solve this one for me, I will reward them with...well, glory and praise. It seems to me like it should be incredibly simple, but I just can't solve it.

In my two stripped down sample files, Clients.fp5 and Services.fp5, I've got 10 clients entered in Clients, with unique IDs. Services references these clients by ID, but some clients have different funding over time; in other words, client #1 may have three services paid for by Medi-Cal but then switches to Self Pay. The report (set up in Services with a script) needs to summarize how many services were provided for each pay source, and then how many discrete clients fell under each pay source. In my example, the correct numbers of discrete clients for each pay source should be: Insurance 6, Medi-Cal 4, Self Pay 5.

Riley Waugh responded to my original post with a general suggestion to get the data via finds or relational portals from the Clients file. I keep thinking there must be a simpler way. Anyone up for this challenge?


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This topic is 7475 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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