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My applescript doesn't do anything please help

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I am a novice at applescript but I thought it records in filemaker and with text edit.

I was trying to make an applescript using the script editor. I hit the record button and did stuff in filemaker and in text edit. I pressed stop and NOTHING recorded. I have not used applescript in system 10 pather yet - so am I doing something wrong? I have no clue on what to do if it does not record my steps. I need help here



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It appears that neither FileMaker or TextEdit are recordable. Sadly, few applications are. Text apps that are: TextWrangler ($50) or full BBEdit, http://www.barebones.com, Tex-Edit Plus (shareware $15, downloadable, with lots of example scripts), Microsoft Word; but not AppleWorks or Stickies.

FileMaker and TextEdit are AppleScriptable however. FM especially has a very rich AS dictionary. AppleWorks has quite a bit also.

Choose Open Dictionary... in the File menu of Script Editor (and wait...). It shows every scriptable application on your computer (some that make little sense to be there, installers, etc.). Or just drag any application's or Scripting Addition's icon onto the Script Editor icon and it'll open its AS dictionary.

It's good to look at a few example scripts to get the hang of it. What is that you're thinking of doing? I may have an example.

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This topic is 7474 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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