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4 level deep dynamic value list -Not self related

Leb i Sol

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Hello People!

I have just got my category and subcategory approach done.

Although it works pretty nice I am concrened about maintance of the Catgory file...meaning, when the new categories and sub categories are defined...or in other words

How do I control IDs and their increments?

here is a visual:


as well as the files attahced!

I apprechiate any input!



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So you're back to FileMaking...

Depending on how exactly the rest of the solution would be linked to this hierarchy, I wouldn't worry too much on the Ids incrementation.

Actually, there could be several approach to this same issue.

Here's one as a start.

Instead of defining a different ID according to the Level, just have an ID sequentially assigned AND a Level, in 2 separate fields.

Then, you'd track the level rather than the ID themselves.

Even if your post title says "Not Self-Related", you could have this same job done in a unique file as well, with some more settings.


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Hi Ugo!

Yes Yes...every ones in a while users walk up to me with "can you do this..." and I keep telling them that I am not a programmer...but they look at me with those eyes.....hehe so I am back for a while! smile.gif

As you see I found my way arround value lists (after I got some sleep smile.gif )

but then came the time to enter these values and sub-subs....well I can keep trak of the logic manually but ALL 4th level cats togeter count to 475 :0 so u can imagine wahy I wanted to know a better aproach to adding-subtracting these cats and subcats. Now, in hm hm some other DBs wthis would be 1-many with eniuque ID and JOIN statement...done deal....10 or 1000 cats no matter. But, you know me - for every asnwer you give me I can come up with 10 more questions ....as i am sure u have experienced. (******* kid won't stop bothering me) heheheh

In Any case, the further development of this would be..

well...all this is supposed to do is help Organise our inventory ones and for all....the rest would be the usual

-searching for the these Cats and Subs

-and the realtionship would be based on ItemID > which you have so kindly help me generate....the rest....I'll let you know when I know smile.gif

Thanx for the help!

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And in line with what is said here is another Searching/Sorting question:

Since CatID is now text string I assume that the whole SQL apporach of searching for "ALL" the CatID available

WHERE CatID >= "1" will not work?

What happends to the subcats that are calculations....ok....I'll do some more research before I bomb u with all the questions. laugh.gif

sorry, I guess sleeping is stimulating for the thought process smile.gif

THanx again!

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This topic is 6562 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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