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Multiple Find Script Step

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I need to write a script that loops through a string of words and creates a multiple OR find, but have stumbled on something irritating mad.gif" border="0 . The script (which is incomplete) goes something like this.

The field G_PLZ is a string containing Postal Codes, sparated by spaces e.g.(1234 6675 7785 12989)

Set Field [ G_Number1, 1 ]

Set Field [ G_Number2, WordCount(G_PLZ) ]

Enter Find Mode


Exit Loop If [ G_Number1>G_Number2 ]

Duplicate Record/Request

Set Field [ PLZ, MiddleWords(G_PLZ;G_Number1;1) ]

Set Field [ G_Number1, G_Number1 + 1 ]

End Loop

My question: where can I insert the Perform Find? The problem is that the loop increment counter becomes part of the find. I'd thought of switching layouts, but I believe Set Field doesn't need the field on a layout.

I know someone out there has a solution for me!


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Try adding these steps to the end of what you already have:

Set Field (G_Number1, "")

Perform Find (no restore)

Also, did you intend to use "Duplicate record/request" or "New Record/Request" ? Either way it looks like you are getting a blank find request because when you enter find mode, there will be a blank request ready to be filled in. But, the first thing that happens in your loop is to make a duplicate. I think you need to move the "Exit loop if.." and "Duplicate record/request" steps to the end of the loop.

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This topic is 7801 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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