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Password for Web Form

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I must have something confused. I have a small survey, and have assigned a single generic password for the department to use, just to keep outsiders from submitting data. The problem is that the password window only appears AFTER the submit button is clicked. How can I tell it to ask for the password FIRST, then only after the correct one is entered, can one access the survey?

I am using FMP6 on Windows 2000, and CWP. I have set up the password in the WebSecurity db. That's the extent of my knowledge. Do I need a CDML or HTML code to make this work properly?

Thanks in advance.

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Here's how I fixed it.

I created a page using the "-FORMAT" to point to the survey itself. On this page are just a few lines of instructions with contact information and a submit button.

<INPUT TYPE="submit" NAME="-New" VALUE="Click here to go to questionnaire">

When the submit button is pressed, the standard userid and password box comes up. If the correct information is entered, the survey form opens. If the correct information is not entered, the same "entry" page stays on the screen with instructions on what to do, and numbers to call for help. The password and survey data are entered into separate records, which is fine for this project. I'm not dealing with a lot of records, so I'll just sort and delete them at the end of data collection. It works fine for me!

Taaa Daaa!

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This topic is 7474 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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