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Exporting Images

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I know you can import Images (eg. JPG Files) from a directory to a container field in your database.I want to know if it can be done vice versa.I have a FMpro application which stores the images of products along with the Product information.Sometimes it is required to copy the images from a found set to a CD and send to our clients.Please help if it is possible.Thanks a million.

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if you import them by reference, no exporting is necessary.

However, on the Mac, you can export the images with a simple Applescript as PICT files, then use Grphic converter to convert them to other file formats. (or use the clibboard: copy the container fields content, place it in Graphic Converter/Photoshop, do a save as...)

Or use a plugin to do so. (imageex, exporter).

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on a pc, you can copy the image to the cliboard, then use the free, did I say free?, graphics utility 'Irfanview' (.com) and its command line interface to create and save the new file from the clipboard.

Note: you can export snaps of whole layouts if you copy in the preview mode.


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Hi All,

I received an interesting request from a client who wants to be able to shuttle items from an fm pro calendar to a website (wap?) that will be readable via cellphone browser.

Alternatively, he'd be interested in synching fm pro calendar/to-do's with Outlook, which has a publishable calendar feature (though i'm not sure about the cell browser readability).

Is any of this achievable by any practical means?

If not, would it be possible to sync fm pro with Ical? this would be a roundabout way of supporting a blue-tooth exchange with the client's cellphone calendar, as the phone calendar already syncs with ical. the phone is the sony p900, running Symbian OS.

What a nutty world we live in : )



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This topic is 7429 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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