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what is the found set?


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What is the found set in a portal? When searching for specific records the portal of course has all the associated records with it. Does this mean functions like lookups etc will apply to all the records?

Or am I just hopelessly confused?



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There is no such thing as "the found set in a portal." Relationships and found sets are two different things.

A "portal" is a somewhat limited way of thinking about what you're seeing. The relationship that the portal is based on is what matters. It doesn't really matter how many records are visible in the portal; that's just a layout thing; like making your field too small; the data is still all there.

It's often better not to think so much of related records as rows in portals. Think of them as the records matching the relationship in the other file.

Now, a lookup occurs in a field when another field on its same record, in its file, has its value changed. So if you changed a field in a portal, it may trigger a lookup in that row, in that record in the related file, but it has no affect on its "parent" record, which is in the file the portal is in (unless it's the same file, ie. a self-relationship).

And vice versa, changing a field outside of the portal is not going to trigger a lookup inside the portal.

If you do something affecting the entire found set, in either file, then it's just the same thing repeated many times. But to do that with the "portal rows" you would have to go to them, in the other file first; via the relationship.

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This topic is 6561 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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