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Create your own FileMaker Pro menu! MenuControl 1.0 released!

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http://www.dacons.net [email protected]

February 21, 2002 Vancouver, B.C., Canada

Dacons International is announcing the release of MenuControl for the Windows platform! The Mac version will follow shortly!

MenuControl will enable you to create your own real menus in FileMaker Pro using any scripts as menu items and switch off the standard FileMaker menu!

A powerful MenuComposer enables you to create your new menu in minutes using drag & drop.

Here are some of MenuControl's powerful features:


- create your own FileMaker Pro menu items via drag & drop.

- delete all or some of the default menu items

- create your own sub menus

- create different menus for different layouts and files.

- create different menus for different users - switch menus at any time

- added security for your solution - users only have access to your menus

- create more professional looking solutions with clean, uncluttered menus

- create your own shortcuts

- use the same script as menu in different layouts

- use more shortcuts and less buttons

- develop stunning runtime solutions

We as FileMaker Pro developers spend lots of time and attention on a powerful design for our solution, we create user friendly scripts and we place buttons (like tool bars) on the top of each window.

But we ignore that most of the menus are completely confusing and useless to the users of our database.

What can we do? We can "password secure" our solution but only end up with inactive menus. Which does not make our solution more professional.

MenuControl is the solution!

Bogdan Boon, programmer for Dacons says: 'This major plug-in will change the way you 'FileMaker'. It takes FileMaker solutions to the next level!

MenuControl gives you total flexibility and security for your FileMaker Pro solution. MenuControl is incredibly easy to work with!'

MenuControl is available for Windows 98SE, WindowsNT, Windows2000, WindowsME and WindowsXP. The Mac version will follow shortly.

Great documentation and even a tutorial movie will have you creating your own FileMaker Pro menus in no time!

This exiting new plug-in is available in network and developer licenses for unlimited distribution.

Download a fully working trial version at: http://www.dacons.net!


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I recommend this plug-in to the serious consideration of enterprise solution developers.

Jst rememebr, as in any application development environment, you'll need to think through clearly your specifications.

This is a very useful product.

Old Advance Man

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This topic is 7699 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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