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Global Field and Multi Users


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Hi all

I have three files that are used to generate entries for the Examination Dept. The first is Teaching Sets the Second is Student Quals and the Thirds is Entries. I have set up a screen so that in teaching sets via a portal all the students that have been allocated to that teaching set can be viewed. In Student Quals I have set up a Global field called Exam Code that is modified via the relationship to Teaching sets. I have also set up a field called Exam Entry in the Student Quals file. The Exams department run a script that will select all the students in a Teaching Set with a Y in the Exam Entry field (the Y is entered by Exams in the teaching set file via a portal) and imports it from Student Quals File to the entries file. This may seem complicated but it works very well.......if there is more than one person trying to make entries the Global field does not work.

Is this because the field that is in modified is in Student Quals but it is being altered in the Teaching Sets File?:

I hope this make sense. Thanks in Advance

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This topic is 6559 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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