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Multiple records on one Portal Row??


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How can I show multiple records from two fields which sometimes match and sometimes don't, on one portal row?

I'd like the end result to look like this:

txt_Name.fp6 Ptl_Associated record(s).fp6

Fred 1,7,99

Joe 4

Rick 2,3,5


#1.) I cannot figure out how to derive Txt_Name.fp5 from two different fields: Txt_Composer.fp6 and Txt_Author.fp6, where Txt_Composer.fp6 sometimes matches Txt_Author.fp6, only return one record/ match. Where Txt_Composer.fp6 and Txt_Author.fp6 don't match, it should return two seperate records.

#2.)I cannot find a way to make a portal show the way I've specified above. Is this possible? Am I using the wrong tool? Please help.

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Not sure I'm understanding what you want to do, but here goes:

If the records are in another related file, they can be referenced via two relationships, I'll call them Rel.Composer and Rel.Author. For instance, Rel.Composer would relate the field in this file, Txt_Composer.fp6, to a key field in another file, say Key_Composer.fp6.

I'll call the fields you want to return in Rel.Composer Record1, and in Rel.Author Record2

c.Txt_Name.fp5 is a calculation field in the main file:

If( Txt_Composer.fp6 = Txt_Author.fp6,


Rel.Composer::Record1 & " - " & Rel.Author::Record2


BTW: are you naming fields with .fp6? I'd discourage you from doing that, since the .fp6 is a well-known file extension having nothing to do with a Composer...

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This topic is 6547 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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