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help plz


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I'll do it, just because I'm a nice guy grin.gif

I would suggest in the future that you read the FileMaker instruction manual. That way you will have a better grasp of the concepts of FM and databases. Your file shows me that you have figured out some basic things and that is good. You just need a little more experience. Learn through experience.

I modified your files to show a SIMPLE relationship. However, you look like you are trying to make an invoice system. You will need one more file, which is called a "join" file. This file will store records that will be the line items of you invoice in the Paul file. This join file will have many records that look the same, but each record is for the many products that might be on the many invoices. This way the products (which right now is your Prices file) will maintain their integrity. You are going to want a clients file that will be separate from your invoice file (which is your paul file right now). I know this is a lot to digest at one time. Look up join file in the filemaker help is the best advice I can give. And try it!

To see how this relationship works, see the RELATIONSHIP layouts I created in your files.

have fun!



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This topic is 6549 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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