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Summarizing Calculated Values


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I feel like I'm on quite a roll with all the help I've gotten from this forum lately, so I think I'll press my luck with another question.

I'm working on a module for my cabinetshop database that makes it easier to pass work orders to the back. It starts out at the front end with a SHOW CUSTOM DIALOG script and ends up with a series of scripted find statements.

In the middle of all this is the part where you capture elapsed time on each work order. I have introduced a summary field that totals all of the elapsed times. It works just fine as long as every work order that has been started is complete.

The problem is that if somebody has hit the START button and has not completed the work order, the summary field result is a great big question mark (?).

Is this because I have an open loop of some kind?

Is there a way to have the summary field show the total of all records except for the current, active record?

Does anybody have any thoughts on this?



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Without knowing field types and how you're calculating the time taken, I can't get too specific. But the you should be able to make a second calculation field that uses this kind of logic:

ConditionalTime = if(iscomplete,timetaken,0)

Then summarize ConditionalTime, which should only have values if the order is complete.


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This topic is 6547 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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