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sending pdf in container field as attachment

marco b

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We send drawings in pdf format with orders

Now we attach pdf files manually to the mail in eudora (mac os) that filemaker generates.Under windows outlook you cannot do this because outlook sent mail direct. There is also possibility that a user attaches the wrong pdf.

Is there a possibility that filemaker automattically sents the pdf in a containerfield as an attachment or uses a file path to generate attachment



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Hello Marco,

Yes, it is possible, but as a rule it is done with the aid of external code support (eg either OS level scripting or a plug-in).

The most common method is to use a plug-in which has the capability of copying/renaming a file, and have the script which sends the message first source the file (via a path stored in a field in the database), copy it to a predetermined location and rename it to the name of the file that the (subsequent) Send Mail[ ] script step is pre-configured to pick up as the attachment.

This process (or others like it) requrie that the pdf be stored on an accessible drive and that its name is available (eg stored in data) and that the path to the file is either known or can be calculated from available variables/data. It gets trickier if the solution is hosted and/or the files are on a network server, but is possible nonetheless.

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This topic is 6756 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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