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UI Buttons, Performance?

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Hey All,

I am currently using global container fields for most of my UI graphics. These are all coming from a preferences module. When I put this on a network served up with FM Server, will this hinder performance? Would it be better to either just use the graphics on the layout themselves, or use global container fields from within each module? Thanks.

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Hi Ken,

A good deal depends on the size of the graphics. If they are large bitmaps, then they will impact performance regardless of whether they are in fields or placed directly on layouts - and the significance of this is likely to be greater than any other consniderations.

That aside, graphics stored in a preferences file can be highly efficient providing the relationship to the file where they are located is optimized. Ideally the file should have only one record - or at most a few, to minimize the relationship access time (and the volume of index data that needs to be passed before the relationship can be established). For graphics stored in global containers, an unindexed (and therefore invalid) relationship is the fastest way to access them and uses negligible additional network resources (apart from the transmission of the graphic itself).

If the relationships are optimized, then on balance there is probably a net gain from storing frequently used graphic elements in global containers - because it can significantly reduce file sizes, which in turn reduces various other overheads.

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I hope it's okay to join in this one. This is exactly what i need to do. I have Preferences file with one record and have joined all my files to it on constant calc of 1. Preferences has a Background REGULAR container with repeating fields holding each color which is small rectangle of color (is that considered a intensive graphic?).

In each file I created global container to hold the color each person selects. I want thm to chose whatever different color for each file so files always show for them their color but they can change if they get bored. I want each person to be able to set their background colors on each file so I put a script to Set Field global container to Preferences::Background(get repeittion, 1) etc. ... in each file (or Im starting to) but script is going to be 30 selections long because there are 30 colors. I wish they could enter an number and just use relationship. That's going to be one long script.

i wanted to use globals because it would be different for each person and also because the background color would still show in Find - I don't like it being white. Oh, but if I have the regular container with a pale yellow fill color so that, when in Find mode, it's obvious that someone is in find Thats kinda nifty too and I'd like that also so can I Set a field so it shows yellow in everyone's files when in find? What way should I do this so its best and most eficient? I asked before and got confused on when to use global or regular container.

Invalid relationship with global? I think this is my answer. And I want to realy understand this. Can you explain how I could use this and change what I have. You helped me through history files, remember? grin.gif If im wrong to jump in I apologize in advance.


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This topic is 6545 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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