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Hi all,

I am a new user of FM Pro 5.0. I have an assignment to search the data, I know this could be easy using the SQL but I do not know how to do it with File Maker. I will be thankful if any of you can help in the following problem:

We have a table (say table 1) where we keep on updating the product information as and when required. I have another table (table 2) where I need to update the field based of product specifications on the given date what I search from the table 1.

If I use the SQl it could be something like,

update table2 set specification.table2 = specification.table1 where product.table2 = product.table1 and date.table2 = date.table1 (or lies between the range)

I hope I am clear enough to explain my problem.

Thanks in advance.



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Well, I'm not really into SQL but I'm guessing that you are trying to do what Filemaker calls a lookup from another file. That is, you are using the data from one file to fill in the related field of another. Rather than try to explain all the details here, I suggest you read chapter 8 in the manual (related files). You will want to set up a relationship based on the common field in both files. Then read about auto-enter fields on page 5-8 and 5-9, and relookups on page 8-13. Hopefully, this will get you started.

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