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C API for FileMaker Pro

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Hi to the forum,

I'm sorry if I have posed this question in the wrong list. I am a bit confused by the number of forums available.

I want to update a FileMaker Pro database using C. i.e. I need to be able from a C program to say update a row of a table with what I want changed. I have looked for the last few hours for a C API into FileMaker Pro with no success. Does anyone know a URL to the C API for FileMaker Pro.

If i can't find a C API into FileMaker Pro, I will stick with executing a PHP script from a C file which uses the FX.php class.


Phillip Lucs

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there is a C API for FileMaker Plugins, but that is included with FM Dev only. Not really suited for your task either. Use ODBC, Applescript or Windows Scripting Host to access data.

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