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I'm sorry if this has previously been discussed, I haven't been able to find anything on it.

I have a portal with listings from a column of a related database. I would like that portal to display instead as a string, with each entree separated by a comma.

For instance, if "red", "green, and "blue" were all entrees in this field, I would like to create a layout that says: "red, green, and blue" (will the ending and be a problem?).



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You're talking about "values in one field in multiple records in a portal." It looks like a "column," but it's a field. The answer is to use the "ValueListItems" function. Since it's in a portal, it is a related field, so you would "filter" the value list by the portal's relationship, targeting the related field.

Once you've got that you can create a calculation field for the result. It must be Unstored (or it won't refresh). Then, as a final step, you replace the carriage returns with commas.

It's easier done than said. Attached is a little file I did for someone else here on the list.


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You missed a step. You need to define a valuelist using the same relationship that your portal uses. You can't just specify a field name in the valuelistitems function. It doesn't work that way. Once you have a valuelist created, use the name of the valuelist instead of the field name.

To put the "and" after the last comma, you can run the result of Fenton's calc through this one:

Replace(TheTextSoFar, Position(TheTextSoFar,",",1,PatternCount(TheTextSoFar,",")),1,", and ")

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This topic is 6532 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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