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script which acts like a browser back button

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To do this you have to keep track of which layouts are visited. For an infinite "back" capability, you might have quite a list of layouts. The functions you need are Status(CurrentLayoutNumber) and Go to Layout (based upon the number in a field). You can create a text global and make a list of layouts by concatenating each new layout to the list followed by a carriage return. This gets more complicated if multiple files are involved. Then, you need to store the file plus the layout. There is no "go to file" based upon the contents of a field. For this you will need to do a bunch of "If" tests in a script. The back button then travels up the list in the global field from last entry to first entry. Another global provides a pointer to which layout in the list you are on (this allows a forward button).

The limitation of this approach is that "Back" to REALLY work may need to restore the found set in place when the layout was visited.

Personally I hate the proliferation of the brower interface. It is poorly suited to so many database designs. Its use has become "if you're a hammer, everything is a nail", well... it's not.


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Thanks for the info. I knew this was going to be a **** pain in the neck to acomplish. I do have multiple files. I appreciate the help and am going to check out the databasepro site to see if it helps before I begin the inevitable journey to hell. Thanks again

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This topic is 8177 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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