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We currently have a mac FMP5 client that acts as a "script server". It runs scripts at scheduled time like: recalculating the today function, doing relookups for 10K's of records. We use MacAT for the scheduling - everything runs ducky.

We're going to move this function to a mostly idle WinNT server so we can use the mac for something useful ???-). I figured I could just call a filemaker script from the command line and then toss it into the AT command scheduler. But I can't find *any* documentation on driving FM from the command line. Sure there must be some functionality like x:yourpathherefilemakerpro.exe -q (quit), -s /scriptname (run this script)? Or am I going to have to mess with a Troi plugin?

On a related note. Has anyone ever tried making FileMaker into a service with srvany.exe? I can see this being helpful here but also for a Lasso RAIC. You could put FM unlimited on a bunch of regular client workstations as a service and have lasso (FM Remote) bash them without the users even knowing (or having to log in for that matter). Again, trying to save a buck or two by not having to add computers to the RAIC.

Mark Maytum

Pompanoosuc Mills Corporation

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This topic is 7766 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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