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Cannot connect to FM Server from Workstations

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I have just installed FileMaker server 5.5 on a Windows 2003 server.

I have verified that the server is running (from the FM Server manager).

I have placed two databases (.fp5 files) in program filesfilemakerfilemaker server 5.5data

I have opened the Command prompt and issued the command fmserver open

However, I cannot connect to the databases from either FM pro 5.5 (already installed on a workstation) or FM Pro 6.0 (newly installed on another station.

Both the stations can connect to shared folders on the server.

In FM Pro, selecting File / Open remote turns up nothing. I can enter the server name but that does not bring up the databases either.

It seems I am missing something obvious, but -- as a newby to FM -- I cannot think what it would be.

All suggestions will be very much appreciated. :confused:

Version: Server v5

Platform: Windows XP

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You may not have posted that reply, but it was posted from your account, unless the server had some kind of crazy hiccup... you may want to change your login/password.


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I was waiting on you guys for clarification regarding the "Registration Wizard". Did you mean the wizard to register the product?

Does anyone out there know of why the host box is empty?!!!!!! There are a number of threads out here pertaining to this issue but there is never a resolution. I have tried everything that has been posted and I still don't have any files showing in the host dialog box.

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This topic is 6374 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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