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SpeedyFind and Print to .pdf...clueless in Mpls

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Gotta medium size FM database operatin over a Mac TCP/IP LAN ...am doing searches on fields and then PRINTING them to .pdf for a later merge. At first, the printing to a .pdf file on my desktop ZIPS along great.....then the more I do ...the more it sloooowwwwwwssssssss down. Funny---I shut down FM and start up again and it is fast ----then startsa to slllllooooowwwwwww down.

I have:

-Jacked the memory on FM and Acrobat way up

- Indexing is turned on


Why does it behave like this?

What can I do?

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Hi Strad,

try to insert in your script 'FLUSH CACHE TO DISK' statement, in order to free mem. & resources.


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