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Calendar Layout w/global fields - is this right?


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Hi all,

I am a network administrator (having fun with my filemaker DB projects) working on a simple calendar layout for room schedules at a non-profit so you can imagine, our budget is limited. The layout is a 7-day weekly layout for rooms scheduling using global fields. Based on my research, I could not find a simple answer and/or some of it was too complicated. Here is the lowdown on my project:

Requirements: Display 7 day layout for each room onsite (preferably, as many rooms on a 11x17" sheet I can fit in it) which comes from two databases: CLASSES DB and private LESSONS DB both which have rooms booked.

I have created a ROOMS DB which links to both and I can display results. In the rooms DB, I have (I can only fit 6 rooms onto one page layout):

gDay1, gDay2 ...gDay 7

gRoom1, gRoom2 ...gRoom6 (for each room)

which totals: 13 fields

and conconcated formulas:

gDay1 & " " & gRoom1 (this could be Monday Room1)

gDay1 & " " & gRoom2 (this could be Monday Room2)

gDay1 & " " & gRoom3

........ thru.........

gDay7 & " " & gRoom6

which totals 42 fields

Does this mean I need to generate 84 relationships to the 2 related database files (classes and lessons). I wonder if there is another smarter way to make the relationships based on something else rather than hard-coded gday and groom fields.

I have a script which can auto-fill the global fields and make print outs so I end up with prints that I need for all rooms which I believe there are 25 rooms. I realize this does not take in account to start date and end date so I will probably need to change the formula to include:



and concate these two into the conconcated fields but it still remains as total of 42 fields.

Let me know what your thoughts and suggestions are.



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This topic is 6519 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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