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Formatting numbers in mail merge


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How do you format a calculation resulting number when it is used in a mail merge field. $125.50 shows as $125.5 when the field is placed in a letter using mail merge. I cannot get the field to show the second 0 as $125.50. I can format the number field to show the 2 decimal places when it is used on layouts as the number field it is, but in the mail merge layout the <<mail merge>> field when selected only gives options for text formatting- the number option is grayed out. If I mail merge a number field that it not a calculation field, the second "0" shows but not when it is a number resulting from a calculation.

Book cost(number field) of $2.50 mail merges as $2.50

Total cost (calculation of book cost * 3) of $7.50 shows as $7.5

Version: v6.x

Platform: Windows XP

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You can perform number formatting that applies to the entire text block, but not individual fields in it. If all your numbers will have two decimal places, then you can click the text block to select it, and then you can select number formatting from the format menu. If you need to format numbers differently in the same text block then you will have to make some calculated text fields that convert the number into formatted text and then place these into the text block.

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This topic is 7431 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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