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Printing prints scripts instead, preview works ok.


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In working with an existing pilot logbook I've made some changes in order to do a printed report that will match the layout of my existing paper logbook. At some point in all this the printed output has decided it is going to print the scripts instead of the desired output, yet using the preview option works. (Not preview from OS X/Print Center)

What did I trip on to do this, and how can I get it back to normal?

Printing seems to be an issue with FileMaker .. reading other posts it seems that I'm supposed to go and "do the script" manually, then open it back up in ScriptMaker and exit it, so I get prompted to save it, and to "replace" the page setup.

Well, I never get prompted to replace anything to do with page setup, it's always dimmed, if it even prompts me, and I'm not exactly sure what is meant by "do the script", because of having to select from preview to browse mode, plus using Page Setup from the file menu does not present any useful options having to do with FileMaker specificly.

It's as if it's in debug mode, it prints the script so you can see what it would have done.

Version: v6.x

Platform: Mac OS X Panther

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You've somehow got FileMaker set to print scripts rather than records. Print a record manually, and in the Print dialog, go to "FileMaker Pro" (where it says "Copies and Pages"), and set it to print the current record (or Found Set, or whatever it is you want it to do.) After printing, put Page Setup into your script just before your Print[] command. Now the "Restore" or "Save" will be available to you. Save your settings. From now on, that script should print correctly.


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Thanks, Stanley!

.. big D'oh! - I keep forgetting about the application specific stuff at the bottom of those lists.

It appears to be working now. I think I may have printed a script from ScriptMaker, once - and that set it like that forever.


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This topic is 7432 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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