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Inventory report


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Perhaps this is a simple problem but I can not find a solution for it

I am working on an inventory system. So far I made everything except for the final report.

I have several products and I use one new record for every transaction (purchases, sales, transfers from one warehouse to another, etc.). Every record has the item number, item description, quantity for the transaction and price.

For the final inventory report, I need one single line for each product with the item number, item description, current product quantity (the sum for all the transactions in the database with that item number), the price (from any of the records as all the records are updated with the last price), the total amount for each line and a grand total at the end.

I have tried with subsummarys, summarys, running totals, etc. but I could not find a way to get this report out

Can somebody help a beginner with problems ?

Many thanks !!

Version: v6.x

Platform: Windows 2000

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No at all. I have a single file with all the data.

I guess there should be a simple way to get a report with the data grouped and summarized by one field (item number for example) including all the records in the DB but so far I could not write it down.

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Inventory management is a good place to use multiple tables (files). It allows you to simplify data-entry tasks by reusing and linking related data.

That said, I think you can summarize your inventory table using sub-summary parts and a couple summary fields.

Create summary fields:

Count of Records=Count of <Record ID> (whatever your field is for a unique ID.)

Total Value=Total of Cost (whatever fieldyour using for the cost of the item.

On a list layout, create a part for each breakdown category, specifying to Sub-summarize by that field. Then put the fields on the layout. To get the summary parts to show up, you must sort the records by the fields that you used for your summary parts, and you can only see the parts in Preview mode.

Is this any help? Too basic? Too advanced?

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This topic is 6508 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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