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Help With Printing Labels


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I have recently taken on the task of switching our databasing needs from MS Access to Filemaker Pro in my office. I work in a sound lab for an audio preservation/restoration company, so our databasing needs are fairly light.

In Access, all we do is enter inventory for individual projects (ie item numbers, recording times, etc.) and then print specific labels from this information (reel box labels, CD inserts, etc.).

After having created my first database in Filemaker Pro, I am stuck in just one area: How to set up a print query for printing labels.

All I want is a way to control what records are printed when I select a label layout and click print. In Access, the Table had a print checkbox that controlled which records showed up in the various label layouts. Not knowing how Access performed this exactly, I have no knowledge of how to mirror this in Filemaker.

If anyone can help me out on this issue, it would be very much appreciated! Thanks!

Version: v7.x

Platform: Mac OS X Panther

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You could create a number field called "print" and create a value list with one value "1"...

Then place the print field on a layout and format it as a checkbox group using the value list you just created.

To choose which records you want to print, just check the box. Then find records where the box is checked and then go to your label layout and print.

Hope this helps,


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Thanks Dana! I had that on the tip of my brain but just couldn't quite get it out. I set up the value list like you said and it works like a charm.

Now, is there any way that I could easily check or uncheck the 'print box' for all records in Table List view that you can think of? Thanks again!

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This topic is 6507 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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