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[FP5] Summary field for calculation?

Toni Bcn

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I need to use an "Average Summary field" from another field in order to calculate, is this possible?

Sorry, but I'm new in FMP!!

I have 4 files: Projects, Staff, Actuations & Expenses. In this last one, I have all Staff salaries. Hours by month & salary change every month. I had summarized an AVERAGE price of hour for each person.

My problem is: In Actuations (relation Staff & Projects; so how many hours "Mr.Smith" worked in "Project A"), I need to use this AVERAGE price from Expenses. I made a report from Staff_ID to know in which Project this persons did. But now, How can I use this "Average hour price from Expenses) in order to know the exact cost of "Mr.Smith" in , per. ex., Project "B" ?

Any ideas, please?

FileMaker Version: 5

Platform: Mac OS X Panther

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I hope I'm understanding what you need. If you are looking to pull the summary field "AVERAGE" into the Actuations file, try making a calculation field in the Actuations file. (Example: Field name: c_AVERAGE, Calculation: c_AVERAGE = Expenses::Average).

If AVERAGE is not a summary field, then in the calculation you will want to go into the functions on the right of the Specify Calculation layout and choose "SUM" then go to the left side and choose the file "Expenses" and then the field "AVERAGE". Make sure the calculation result is a "Number". Hopefully this is what you need and I didn't confuse you too much.

Good Luck,

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This topic is 6480 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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