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Indented layouts/reports


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Any suggestions for how I might format layouts/reports so that I can produce an indented list? Specifically, if I have a chart of accounts with basically two fields, accountNumber and accountName, can I get the sub-accounts to indent? E.g.,

4500, Utilities

.. 4501, Utilities, Electric

.. 4502, Utilities, Gas

4600, Insurance

.. 4601, Insurance, liability


(These are just sample numbers--the periods are just to force an indent here; the actual account numbers I'm working with are longer and have up to two [perhaps 3?] levels of sub accounts.)

I've thought of breaking the account numbers apart (e.g., 45 and 01) so I can summarize by each part and then using a calc. field to put the full number back together for use within the system. I think that would work with printed reports, but I'd also like to be able to display such an indented list on a data entry screen in another file.

I've just started thinking about this one--and also just getting back into FM, coming into 7 Dev from work with v. 3 quite a few years ago. This is for a small non-profit system without a lot of complex accounting (mostly a hybrid of a checkbook with account balances).



FileMaker Version: Dev 7

Platform: Windows XP

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Yes, both are regular fields in a body. Sub-summarizing in a summary part would only collect the accounts by number--but that's not helpful since there is only one of each number. I want FM to handle autoindenting of these accounts based on the account number itself. I.e., if it has, say, 4 zeros on the end, flush left; if 3 zeros, indent one "step," if 2 zeros, indent two "steps," etc. But perhaps that's beyond the capabilities of even FM 7?

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Can't you just make a calc:

case(right(account#,3)="000"," ",

right(account#,2)="00"," ") &


Then just show this calc field on the layout instead of the real account#.

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This topic is 6494 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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