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Problem: Installing FMP7 as an Upgrade

Justin P.

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Wondering if I have an easy way out of this crush for installing FMP7 (upgrade)...

I am upgrading from FMP5, onto my recenlty recovered OSX machine. Problem this creates is that although I have my FMP5 disks and license ID, it is not installed on my machine (did not install Classic when upgrading to OSX).

The FMP7 upgrade process looks for an older version, or asks you to enter the previous versions license code, but it seems to only accept FMP6 (OSX NATIVE) license codes (or else it is looking at my system, seeing only OSX and assuming an OSX Filemaker installation).

Is there a way to install this upgrade without having back up my entire hard drive, reinstall OS9 under OSX, install FMP5, and then upgrade to FMP7?

Egads. I get worn out just typing that procedure. wink.gif




FileMaker Version: 5

Platform: Mac OS X Panther

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According to FileMaker you can upgrade to 7 from as far back as 2.1 - as long as you act before September 17, 2004. After which, only version 6 is eligible.

Pretty dumb in my opinion - they should at least let you upgrade from FM5.

What that probably means is that you need to call in if you're upgrading from earlier than 6 in order to get a key that will work.

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This topic is 6489 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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