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rafs ome

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I'm learning to create profesional solutions and so have adopted these standads. But there are loads of the document I dont understand. If anyone can point me towards links/examples/answers I would be enlightened.

1) why are there two key id's? zc_record serial & zk_keyID_p?

2) How does the whole 'mark record' , 'save found set' process work with the zc_markRecord_u, zc_mark_gt & zc_currentRecNo_gn fields?

3) What is field modification tracing and when do you use it? i.e. zl_log

4) What is a floating 'palette' file for previewed reports?

5) It recommends haveing start scripts that checks that the 'main'fp5' is open and maximized. Is this done as simpily as a script that minimizes and opens the main.fp5?

Loads of points... Anyway these standards have really helped me clean up my act and make debugging so much easier...thanks

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Q#1: The zc_recordSerial is simply and auto-entered serial number, while the zk_keyID_p is the PrimaryKey for the record. This is most often NOT a simple serial number.

Q#4: Some of the stuff in the CoreSolutions document is internal to CoreSolutions, specifically that "palette" file.

Persumably the development standards will not change much from B7 (before 7) to A7 (after 7) so most of the existing standards will still be applicable.

Anyone from CoreSolutions wanna chime in on the rest?

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I follow Core Sollutions guidelines. However in v7, life changes a bit and all those standard fields are no longer as usefull. Additionally, you can't "dublicate" a Table, so you are always creating fields from scratch for any table you create.

However, some of the most usefull Core Solutions convetions are the naming standards such as the prefixes and suffixes of field names (e.g. "zi_", "zc_", "zk_", etc.) However, this less critical because now you can Comment on the fields.

I've tried my best, but I could really use some standardization on the naming of Table Occurances (aka relationships).

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I have found a couple differences between V6 and V7 for field name sorting.

While I agree with the need for field name conventions (even with comments in v7) because when you import, or select field in dialogs, you don't have access to comments (can you hear me FMI???), I have never found Core Solutions intuitive...

Generally, I use

underscore preceding a stored Data field

eg _name


etc. The nice things about this in V7 is that these will sort to the top (not so in V6 though)

# preceding calculations that are based on math



#totalScore etc)

@ preceding calcuations that are used for interface display

For example



$ preceding Globals




% preceding calculation that are used to pipe data from relationships (not as important in V7 but still important)

! preceeding keys

!fk_ preceding foreign keys

!pk_ preceding primary keys

k_CONSTANT for constants (calcuations = constant value)




For table occurances:

Even though relationships are by directional-- generally speaking I find that they are created (by in large) with single directional purposes in mind, and that purpose indicates a chain of the relationship

So I use TableName#NatureOfRelationalPath

for example:



I was using a full colon(: rather then # but found that there is a problem with this and merge fields.

Unless use of relationship is directionaly functional in certain ways




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thanks for answering the questions dbruggmann....

if I can ask more questions regarding this great document.

in the 'project folder' it describes the following folders:


support files



can anyone elaborate briefly on clarifiying what they are?

thanks again..

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If I remember correctly, these folders are also part of the inner development process at Coresolutions. I would say:

Requirements = user needs, tasks to be solved etc. ?

support files = additional files needed for a solution ?

deliveries = :

Wait, if there's more to come here from others. Or just ask directly the people at Coresolutions!

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