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email container file


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So when i'm importing it into the container I can somehow strip the filename off the file and put it into a regular text field?

I guess thats the question of how to strip that filename??

I'm reviewing the scripts and hopefully i'll see how to do that.

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What you can do is import the container from a folder that only contains the file you want, then the import fuction can parse out the filename and other attributes into the fields you want. ( this is done on the import fild mapping screen)

Does that help? if not post me back


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sorry for asking in here, but is there anyway you know of to email the current record you are looking at?

1 record say which is the customers reciept, report.

Many many thanks, and sorry again.


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We seem to bouncing around between importing, exporting, Windows, Mac...each of which may require a slightly different method, each of which has its own built-in limitations.

As far as the dmaxj's question/problem, that you can only import from a specified folder, yes, that's true. What you can do is to either put the image/pdf IN the folder to start with, then Import Folder. Or you can handle it behind the scenes with a plug-in, such as Troi File, or AppleScript, to choose the file, move it to the folder, then (optionally) move it back where it came from.

You can use "update matching records," if that helps, keeps you from importing the same file twice; but is basically slow to real slow; requires Show All Records.

To Otter's last question, you can export a container field. ExportFieldContents. What's difficult is to do it automatically; ie., without a dialog, especially on hosted files.

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This topic is 6311 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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