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Smart Preview - Returns to found set

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This is a neat one:

I like to show users what a form looks like in Preview Mode before printing it. But if you have more than one record in your found set when you go into Preview Mode, it always shows the first record, even if your Print options are set to only print the current record. This can be confusing for users when they see a different record shown than what they want to print.

This example previews the correct record by omitting the other records and then returns to the correct found set after.

FileMaker Version: 5

Platform: Mac OS X Panther


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Here's a new version of Smart Preview that's optimized for FM7/8. Smart Preview is a technique to isolate the current record on print previews, so the user can see what's about to be printed.

This version uses the technique RalphL found:


where a self-join relationship and Go to Related Records[] steps are used to preserve and return to the correct found set.

The demo also shows a technique using the New Window option in the Go to Related Record[] script step. The print preview all happens in another window, leaving the found set untouched in the original window.

Both methods work without the use of globals to hold the found set/current record IDs.


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