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mac plugins, for AutoUpdate on windows fm server?


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OK I have a question.

I've started purchasing a few plugins for our company, to extend the functionality of our database.

I use filemaker server 5.5 on a windows 2000 machine which serves the database all day long to about 15 guests in total. 11 windows users, 4 osx users.

I've managed to get the autoupdate feature working kind of.

How do I get the mac format plugins, onto the autoupdate folder on this windows 2000 machine without breaking the macintosh formatting of the plugin?

I just unzipped the archive which came with my plugin - and try emailing the osx plugin file over to an osx machine, dropped it into the FileMaker Extensions folder as instructed and filemaker wouldn't recognise it.

Could I drop the windows .fmx plugin into the autoupdate (already working fine) folder, then use the SaveAsMacBin external function to save it as a mac format, then have that downloaded by the script?

What's the order I need to go through to get the mac versions of my plugins into the autoupdate folder on my windows 2000 server, without the macintosh format breaking?

Is it simply a case of dragging and dropping the mac format plugins? As this didn't seem to work whe I emailed it from a windows machine over to a mac machine then tried it locally rather than using automatic downloading!

Any ideas?



FileMaker Version: 5

Platform: Windows 2000

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This topic is 6492 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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