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typing article in a bill


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I created an articel and a position file.

Now in the bill database I created a portal using fields from the position file. It contains the article number and the name of the article. (beside others)

When typing in the article number the article name is shown automatically. But when typing in the name of article the article number does not show up.

How to make this portal work that the person can also type in the name of the article?

FileMaker Version: 4

Platform: Mac OS 9

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Welcome to FileMaker Forums!

You will have to create another relationship, between the article name in one file and the name in the other.

Can you use a popup list or are there too many articles? If so, you may be able to use an auto-completion method that involves multi-line keys and a calculation. It is outlined in a very handy "21_Secrets_of_FileMaker" pdf available somewhere on FileMaker's web site (I couldn't find it just now, anyone else have the URL?)

Multi-Line keys allow you to match more than one set of data at a time. Multi-Line keys must be text. Example: you want to match everyone with either red or brown hair. The related file has a single color for each person. in the main file, the key would contain red on one line and brown on another. This technique is very powerful, you can make calculations on both ends to match almost any combination of data.

Does this help? Ask away!

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This topic is 6484 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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