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calculation for summary

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I am doing a database for a dinner theater. it is split up into two databases. the first has; location of show, date, time. the second has all the customer info, along with related info from the first DB(the cust info db has pulldown menus of the choices of location, date, etc..).

I also have summary fields to keep track of people attending the show(along with a few other sumarys).

as it stands now, when i do a find for a paticular show, the summary fields are all correct in what they show, since its only caculating the matches for that show. What id like to do, is make a script that will run down each of the shows in the first db, use the info from each field, and use it to do a find in the second db, get the summary info, and put it somewhere else?(not sure) so I can see the summarys for each show on a few pages. (I have a layout set up now that has pulldown menus for the shows, and will do a find with that information, but that way im only able to see the summary info one show at a time. Id like to be able to see all the shows summarys at the same time).

is there a better way to do this? can it be done in a script? any help in this problem would be great.



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This topic is 7397 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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