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Not sure where to start.

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I am currently working on a database for our production line. One of the features that I need is to have Filemaker Pro read the system clock to run the database. The operator will be looking at a screen with 4 fields on it. A "failure" field, a "reason" field, a total production field, and other fields that will have automatic information entered from their log in screens. The failure field and the reason field are hierarchical drop down menus. They will choose the failure and tab to the next field and choose the reason for the failure. Once they make their choices I need the fields to clear out (send information to another file) for the next entry. Besides getting the field to clear out I need to have the information that is entered in these boxes tallied by the hour. When the hour is up I have to alert the operator that she needs to enter her production for the hour, clear the field and have the next hour start. This morning I downloaded oAzium Date and Time plug in and have been paging through the files. I am not quite sure on where to start. I have the drop fields set up but I don

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This topic is 7388 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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