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Updating master file links

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I have found an error when i updated my database to FM 5.5 from FM 5.

I have an script that update the links from a master file to a related file like this:

Cut[select, #Operacao]

Paste[select, no style, #Operacao]

Go to next field

#Operacao is the field used to link the master file to the related file, and using this script I am forcing a relookup.

Why does it work at FM 5 and doesn't work in FM 5.5???

Does anuone have any idea to solve it???


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hi Pedro

just noticed your post and it appears I'm not alone re a script problem when moving from 5 to 5.5 - my recent post -

"Has anyone had a problem with scripts following upgrade to 5.5?

I manage a property DB (20000+ entries in masterfile + 3 primary related files) and am finding an entry dup. script only completes part of its instructions for about 3-5% of use. This seems to mostly occurs if run soon after waking (PBook G3 500 256/10G,OS 9.1)but has also happened ramdomly.

Basically the script should do the following (button 1) - isolate required record ,Dup rec,return to original and tag as archive, find related Imp file set,calls external scripts to duplicate that set.Then (button 2) updates match field code suffix on the copy and Imp file copy set .

This allows for a valuation history of a property to be kept as changes are recorded.

The miss script(only in 5.5) fails to duplicate the master entry, then duplicates the first portal row data in the related Imp file, tags master entry as archive and calls external scripts.Obviously B2 not used.

I contacted FMP tech support (AUST) about this problem some 3-4 weeks ago and I'm still waiting for a promised email advise. In the meantime V5 seems safer.

I'd appreciate any comments, thanks "

any luck with your problem ?


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This topic is 7367 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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