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multi line value list (pop up menu)

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hi there...

i wanna have a pop up menu. the pup up menu gets it's data from a text box. well now, this text box hast MULTIPLE lines. it doesnt work by standard right?


i want the pup up menu to show this value:


Sunset Blvd. 45

78273 Exampletown


since this text box has TWO lines, my value list (or the pop up menu) BRAKES this text box apart and gives me both SINGLE LINES. so i cannot let the list display BOTH lines at one time but only ONE LINE at one time. well since the address doesnt make sense if its only written "78273 Exampletown" i need the pup up menu to be MULTI LINE (according to how many lines are used in the value source text box)...

anyone hlp me?


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The obvious fix is to break your address into individual pieces of data, but attached is one solution that allows you to do what you want, but you have to "actively" leave the field, as in press Enter.


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