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Repeating Labels down a Page


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Not sure if this is related to layouts or printing but... I have been asked to fix a FileMaker Pro database that contains cassette labels. Each has an A and B side and a unique catalog number. Generally we need to print out the A and B side of one cassette at a time and we want to fill the page with the repeating labels--twelve to a page total.

So we do a "find" on the catalog number which brings up the A and B records. We have a label layout for printing which we choose. When we preview, we only see two labels filled in--the A and the B side just once on the page. What we want is to have the page fill with six of each to fill the full 12 slots on the page.

Do I use a script to do this? What am I missing? I'm sure this must be totally easy to do but haven't been able to figure it out.

Any help or suggestions greatly appreciated.


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Is the layout you are printing from defined as a labels layout?

( Layouts>New Layout/Report.. )

You can set it up there or go to your existing layout and select ( Layouts>Layout Set Up... ) and look under the printing tab. There you can define rows etc to match your labels. It should be easy to do though. If this is not an actual labels layout you will have to have fields layed out for every label on the page. This a pain if your labels ever changes. It is best to define a label layout and set it to match the physical layout of your labels then you just have to put fields for the one label you see in layout mode and it will repeat them as you defined when setting the layout up.

Good Luck

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This topic is 7082 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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