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Field headings below first page line don't print


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I have several layouts on a DB that are longer than one page in the layout, until things slide up because all repeating fields are not used. Odd thing is the field headings that start out below the page break line don't print, even when they slide up into a single page space. The text in the feilds just below them print, but not the headings. I have tried moving them, changing them, everything I can think of. The "don't print selected objects" checkbox is not checked. I even draged one of the upper headings, that was printing, down into the no print zone, and it stopped printing.

Any help would be greatly appreciated...



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Here is a copy of a post I made to someone with printing problems. We have run in to the exact same problems I hope this helps:

We have run into this problem with several of our solutions. It took us months just to get FM to admit that there is indeed a printing problem. The problem seems to be in 2 places 1. printing protals (FM's official answer is you're not supposed to print portals) and 2 slide printing. Here are some fixes we have tried. different fixes work for for different cleients depending on the OS, printer driver, and FM version.

1. Use a hp1200 driver

2. Change you font (use a true type)

3. Under text formating change you line spacing (up or down)

One of these or a combo of these should work.

p.s. there is no official word but I hope this printing mess is fixed in 7

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This topic is 7147 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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