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How can Lock some fields

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You can use related fields for data entry and then break the relationship. The related fields are on top of normal fields that do not allow entry.

The method of breaking the relationship is to null one of the fields in the relationship. This can be done by script or it can be built into a calculation for this field.

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I was digging through some past items that I made and ran across this which I call switchable validation. In essence you create a flag to determine if you can edit a record and use the flag to validate the date. Presented in it's simplest form to get the idea that you can selective turn validation off and on using this flag. Hope this helps you.


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Similar question...but in the different direction.

I have a custom calc in my privledges that lets only certain users edit certain records. Is there anything that can be added so that one particular field can ALWAY be edited?

For example I have it set so that if a particular user is on a particular layout, that record can not be edited. But I would like it to be set that if the user selects one particualr field, that one field can be edited. I did try adding the following to my access privledges for allowing editing:

Status (CurrentFieldName) = active

But of course that did not work.


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OK, here is a quick solution for this. To be able to edit one field in a layout, but not the others:

Set up access privleges with limited access for edit records.

For the access calc use something like:

Status (CurrentScriptName) = NameScript

Now in the layout select the "Name" field and go to Field Format in the menu...

Turn off the check box for "Allow entry into field."

Now make a script step called "NameScript." Add a single step:

Go to Field["Name"]

Assign this script to the field called "Name."

Result: The user cannot edit any fields on the layout based on the settings in Access Privleges. BUT when the user clicks on the field "Name" the script is run that has the Go to Field step. The user can edit this field because of the entry in Access Privleges that includes Status (CurrentScriptName) = NameScript

Don't know how elegant this is, but seems to be the only way I could get it to work.


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This topic is 7001 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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